Dear Renewable Energy Well Wishers,

The next ten years will witness life changing and mind blowing inventions and technologies in every sphere of our life, requiring higher energy input. The way we think, the language we use and the actions we do, will all be influenced by them.

The global energy sprectrum will also witness considerable shift from fossil energy to renewable and clean energy; the global agriculture landscape will move from remote regions to residential spaces; the global food habits will alter from hunger driven to nutrient driven; the global education system will shift from standard mass produced to individual tailored and demand driven. As a consequence, we will face a severe internal conflict between affluence and scarcity, security and insecurity, love and hatred, individual and society, concrete and abstract.

In this imminent scenario, the path to peace and happiness will be shaped by renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, environmental education and ’lobal’ (local+global) networking. How fast and smooth we take this path of sustainability depends on us and the policy makers we elect to lead us.

Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham has taken this  path for a fair and sustainable world for the last 10 years in a demonstrative model by  Global Village Action Week for renewable energy and climate protection. It will continue to move along the same path in the years to come. We invite you to join us in this journey.

George Peter Pittappillil                                              Rosemarie Zaiser

Director, Mithradham.                                                  President, VEV.