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In a globalized world with all its pros and cons, intercultural learning has a very important role. Global problems can be solved only through co-operation with mutual understanding. While intercultural learning in the school has upto now remained in the domain of teaching a foreign language, this school project shows new possibilities in the realm of environment and technology. It has its place somewhere between international engagement and intercultural learning for meeting the global challenges. Above all, it contributes to a very important practical engagement in science and technology. Education is the key to sustainable development.

Windmill Installiation

The project „School Partnership“ belongs to a practical oriented education in modern and future oriented energy technics. The job szenario is attractive so as to arouse a sustainable interest in technical studies. Therefore this project offers value addition to the educational brand offered in schools like Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium in Marbach am Neckar.

Viswajyothi Public School, Angamaly

With nearly 2500 students in role, Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium is one of the top general education category high schools in Germany. World openess, intercultural learning, technical education and future orientedness have a high rating in the school which is reflected in the numerous international contacts. From the standpoint of FSG, this was the compelling reason to initiate a German-Indian school partnership, which has its thrust on the scientific and technical education with special emphasis on „renewable energy and climate protection“. This is also an important topic in the subject „Science and Technology“ for the 10th grade. The realization of this project is actively supported by the „Verein zur Förderung Entwicklungswichtiger Vorhaben Stuttgart e.V.“.


On 13th July 2007, Rosemarie Zaiser, the president of the VEV, representing Prof. Dr. George Peter Pittappillil, Director of the Renewable Energy Center Mithradham, along with Guenter Offermann, Principal of FSG, in the presence of Andreas Lapp, Honorary Consul of the Republic of India, in the Akademie E3 of Wuerth Solar Company, presented a statement of intent for a future oriented sustainable educational partnership.

The main objectives of this partnership are the installation and promotion of renewable energy technologies which leads to climate protection, resource protection and ecological living. The ever increasing population and the consequent need for economic progress exert an enormous pressure on the environment and resources, especiallyin fast developing countries like India. Poverty adds to the pressure. The health of the population, ecosystem and the national economy stand under constant threat. Hence, promotion of environment awareness, knowledge and global development approach are inseparable for a fair and sustainable growth.

The Renewable Energy Centre takes up these challenges. The centre offers a wide spectrum of opportunities. It does not limit itself to the installation and use of renewable energy (solar, wind and biogas) but offers also educational and training courses for servicing energy systems, energy efficiency, drinking water preparation, waste water purification and organic farming.

An important event for the centre is the Global Village Action Week, an active interaction and meeting time with people to discuss important questions related to climate protection and energy efficiency. The event offers facility for the development of international networks in educational sector. The Friedrich Schiller-Gymnasium is proud of being a part of this network.

Every year in October, the teachers and students of FSG are invited to the Renewable Energy Centre for the festival Global Village. We introduce our school to the visitors of the event through dance or music programme and share information in the area of environment protection which is the most important first step for a sustainable development.

In the year 2007, the first Global Village Action Week started with the cooperation of the teachers and students of Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium. They could share knowledge and information through talks, guided tour thorough the land of the centre, film shows and discussion with Indian students.

The students from FSG has also taken part in the 2008 Global Village Action Week programme. The clear aim was to deepen the friendly relation between Viswajyothi CMI Public School in Angamaly. In different workshops organised by the German students in preparation for the study tour, an active exchange took place at the student level. The main attraction during this year was the installation of a wind generator in the partner school which was a contribution of the Lapp Group made during the declaration of the partnership.